Sunday, May 2, 2010

The fratpad Max and Taylor sex tape

(edit note that the videos where up but taken off xvideos so i had to replace the video with pictures)

I finally came across the fratpad Max and Taylor sex tape. If you don't know what the fratpad is, it's a house full of collage aged guys who participate in sexual games and group masturbation sessions. When i saw the preview video on rocketube a couple of months ago i thought it was they two guys having sex but I'm going to tell you know that they do not have sex(false advertising?) the closest they came to fucking is they rub their asses on each others cocks.

The first part of the sex tape starts with the guys talking about their work out and each other's body Oder, Taylor seems to be more horny because he strokes his cock while max changes his clothes and is constantly filming max and telling him it's not recording. The second part of the video is strange to say the least, the boys are in the back of a car at night when they pull down their pants and start to film each other stroking their dicks. The horrible night vision and the fact that the people in the front seats of the car could have turned around and caught them. It is just a little weird but i guess these guys just like the thrill of being caught. The end of the video is the best part Max wakes up the next mooring turns on his comers and go's into Taylor's room to stumble in on him masturbating. Now we have to remember these guys already jerk off with each other for money so of course they decide to have a mooring jerk off session together. Taylor cums first and shoots a huge load Mac cums shortly after and shoots almost as big of a load as Taylor but both are really hot to watch.

Part 2 is a little less strange then the first part Taylor go's into Max's room to find him hiding in the closet(not even joking ha) because max knows Taylor is going to film him, the two talk for a few minutes when the decided to take a bath together,that's when things get uncomfortable. The bath tub is to small to fit two fully grown muscle men in the tub but they make it work. Taylor rubs Max's back and they start to kiss. Max ask Taylor is he has ever gotten a blow job under water which he has and offers to give max his first underwater blow job. After some uncomfortable looking bath tub oral sex they two guys get out and go into the living rooms when max has another camera set up, this is where they start to use two different camera angles. Taylor continues to give max from what i can tell by the look on Max's face a pretty good blow job.

In the 3rd video clip we find out that max sucks at sucking dick and that pretty much it. Around the end of the video Max grinds his ass checks on Taylor dick, this is the clossest they came to haveing sex,i thought from the name of the video clips they would fuck but guess not,it's actually a really big let down

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  1. They're not called max and Taylor. There real names are Michael (Mike) Melgaard and Nicholas Alan-- or so they claim on Facebook. They are not porn actors indeed! Mike has or had a online cam show-- aka. , a website that is intended for gay guys. He appears not be openly gay; judging by his post on FB; However, he does have a lot of openly gay friends and defends the LGTB community. The other guy, Nicholas Alan, has a more private profile and restrains himself to other social network; so little can be known of his life. This has made me wonder about his Facebook name-- it could or it could not be "Nicholas Alan." Both men are college educated, and may even be grad students at the moment. I do not know this as a fact. What I do know, is that both of them are science and math nerds. Nicholas is a biomedical engineer. Mike just posts his pride on his knowledge of math in his FB wall, making me think he is a math major or engineering major.

    My question now is: who took those pictures of them holding the camera if they filmed the entire video themselves?